My name is Oliver Simmons. Age 49, large, affable and have been throwing paint and hissy fits for some years now in a floundering attempt to discover ways of expressing myself.

I have lived in both North and West Cornwall for approx 15 years and never fail to see something different or challenging in the endless varieties of light and mood. Inspiration comes in many forms. From the enormous variety of Cornish landscapes, seascapes, standing stones on to detailed objects such as rocks, pebbles, and even pairs of boots.

I work mainly in watercolours and acrylics with other mediums coming into play depending on the sense of fun or frustration in getting the image across or understood. I find it all exhausting and headache-inducing! None of that fluffy Sylvan Glade of peace and tranquility others seem to find.

A couple of professional art groups that tolerate my membership are: Gwynngala and DTTV (Drawn to the Valley). Recent Exhibitions and Open Studios have been done in collaboration with them in Cornwall. My artwork has also been in recent exhibitions from Rock, National Trust, Cotehele and Camelford. For further info see the 'Events' page.

I produce quality greetings cards from most of my work. In the 'Galleries' pages, those marked with a (c) are available as cards.

Art seems to come attached with the baggage of stuffiness and pomposity which I have a problem with. Those who suffer from such ailments would be vastly improved by death, perhaps leaving the rest of us to enjoy this huge borderless field of expression for the sheer fun of it!

From Agatha Christie's book 'Three Act Tragedy', Mrs Dacres says: "I think Cornwall is rather terribly artisty... I simply cannot bear artists. Their bodies are always such curious shapes".